The Unearthed Compendium is a collection of information gathered during the misadventures of adventurers across one-shots, campaigns and various sessions run by DMAnto and friends within the D&D5e system.

As the adventures of the party grow so does this guide and as such will be consistently adapted with relevant information. Content here is to be used as information known to the party as a whole. Information known to only individuals will not be listed here until it is deemed appropriate.

Additional information found here has been used for the development of narrative, plot points and the like for these adventures and as such constitute official canon for these adventures.

Much of the content in the The Traveler’s Compendium is designed to be used in the misadventures of the Caravan Six. As such this document adapts information from several sources including official WOW reference books, past campaign guides (1E – 4E) and homebrew material from several sources.

lease remember that the campaign will develop a particular interpretation of Abeir-Toril and the continents within it as well as the planes and universe that surrounds it. This will be subject to the story developed as well as the influences that the party’s actions have on the world. It may not completely coincide with “official Wizards of the Coast canon content”.

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